First lab sample collection

Along with development of modern investigative methods in medicine, elaboration of new medicinal products, the significance of laboratory research methods increased considerably

Lab tests are conducted in different divisions of clinical-diagnostical laboratory. These are hematological, biochemical, coagulologic, bacteriologic divisions, etc

Patient’s biological material is delivered to the laboratory. Biological material represents blood, urea, sputum, feces, gastric juice, etc. Testing of such materials is performed in the first half of the day. Essential attention should be paid to the rules of biological material collection, as the quality of the lab testing results directly depends on these rules abidance.

Lab analyses are collected on an empty stomach. Forbidden to have lab sample taken after heavy physical activity, emotional stress or meal. All above mentioned factors may influence on the quality of lab research.

The patients should prepare for lab sample collection. The previous night it is recommended to keep a diet, do not eat greasy and diary food. A lot of drinking should be taken  in the previous evening as well as in the day lab sample collection

Urea is collected in the morning, as the morning sample is concentrated, deposit densed, which leads to the highly authentic result.  The biological material is delivered to the laboratory in glass, clear cup. It is necessary to provide the full urea volume.

Follow the specialists’ recommendations and the lab sample results would be maximum exact and authentic.