Oncology Department

The Oncology Department was established in 1975. First Head of the department was Lavr Anatoljevich Aslyaev, participant of the Great Patriotic War, prominent oncologist, known in Dnipropetrovsk as well as over the whole Ukraine, who was respected and honored both by patients and colleagues. Later on, the Department was headed by the following renowned scientists and practitioners: Professor S.M. Sokolenko (Head of the Department since 1988 till 1990), well-known radiologist professor Chvorostenko M.I. (Head of the Department since 1999 till 2005), who is still working at the department. A long time, the Department name was associated with outstanding surgeon – Professor Kosse Valentin Anatoljevich, who headed the Department since 1990 till 2000.

Since 2000, I am the Head of the Oncology Department –Doctor of Medicine, Professor Bondarenko Igor Nikolayevich.

The Department is placed at several locations. The main one is in the Municipal multifold clinical hospital #4. Other locations are in the regional clinical hospital named after I.I. Mechnikov and in Municipal Oncology dispensary.

Three Doctors of Medicine and more than ten Candidates of Medical Science are working at the Department.

The main directions of department’s scientific activity coincide with our practical purposes, inasmuch as science should not be detached from practice. It corresponds to the main oncology direction, i.e. highly-accurate treatment of malignant neoplasms. It is based on accurate diagnostics. For this purpose, the CT procedure conducted as well as other methods of investigations implemented. Also, at our department patients have opportunity to participate in International Scientific Programs, which contribute to patients’ health improvement.